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I’m selling my Tout Terrain Silkroad touring bike

Age and fitness force the sale of this classic expedition and touring bike

10 Mar 2019 / / Read more…

Random Notes

​Why we make things, and why it matters

Two books about the creative process, and life itself

23 Jul 2018 / Read more…

Digital Organisers

Which is the best app for journalling — Ulysses, Day One, or Scrivener?

A detailed look at three digital journals, including my (unorthodox) ideas on usability and long-term archiving

This is a very long, experimental post. I’ve used it to develop my blog design, and to practice writing complex, image-heavy text. But, it’s also a detailed exploration of usability, the impermanence of digital files, and the important role of printed backups in digital journalling.

10 Jul 2018  / / Read more…

Random Notes

Avoiding Google

You may not have heard of DuckDuckGo, but it could be just what you’re looking for

3 Feb 2018 / Read more…


The classic book that started me woodworking

How I learned to make my own furniture, from cheap materials, using just a few hand tools

27 Jan 2018 / / Read more…

Random Notes

Picasso’s ceramics

Who knew Picasso made pottery?

20 Jan 2018 / Read more…

Cycle Touring

A mini-guide to cycle touring in Mallorca

Travelling with folding bikes, taking the slow lane, and places to stay — in our favourite cycling holiday destination

31 Oct 2017 / / Read more…


How to make this bright, multi-purpose, plywood drawer unit

Including detailed dimensions and construction notes

11 Aug 2017 / / Read more…

Cycle Touring

The joy of cycle touring

I discovered cycling, and cycle touring, late in life — and it’s turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done

14 Jul 2017 / Read more…