About me

I’m an Ancient Geek!

I live in splendid isolation in the north of England, with my amazing wife, an aged cat, and a few chickens

We’ve got three fantastic grown-up children, with their terrific partners, and two beautiful grand-daughters.

Me, cycling in the Hebrides

Me, leaning into the rain, on my first cycling tour in the Hebrides, in 2008

My geeky hobbies

Some things I like doing

  • I enjoy making all kinds of stuff, and making websites has recently become an absorbing (and frustrating) new hobby
  • I was an early Mac user, and I still enjoy playing with software, especially personal organisation and note-taking apps
  • I’ve been fascinated by paper notebooks, graphic design, and all kinds of stationery, ever since I was quite young
  • I’ve got a small collection of quirky bicycles, mostly small-wheeled or folding
  • Most years I go for a few weeks cycle touring and camping, usually in the Hebrides or Brittany
  • I enjoy woodworking, especially making Shaker or plywood furniture for my family
My erratic career

A few things I’ve done

  • I’ve got a degree in mechanical engineering
  • During the first half of my career, I managed several manufacturing companies
  • Then I co-founded an advertising agency specialising in high tech clients, and helped run it for about 10 years
  • I worked as a marketing consultant for a few more years, with clients mainly in Scandinavia and the US
  • And then, I retired!
My Achilles’ heel

Things I still struggle with

  • I’ve had clinical depression for much of my life
  • Irrational feelings of gloom, and despair, sometimes overwhelm me
  • Now, quite late in life, I’m trying hard to understand and manage my illness better