About this website

Why I started this blog

I’ve been an avid reader of independent blogs for many years. Through reading these many and varied websites:

  • I’ve discovered other people who like the things that I like
  • I’ve been inspired to start new hobbies, and to visit new places
  • I’ve got help when I’m stuck, and I’ve learned lots of new skills

Now, by starting my own blog, I hope I can give something back to this online community.

What is it about?

An eclectic range of topics

My list of categories might seem a bit haphazard, but there are hidden connections between many of them:

  • For instance, my love of making things out of wood has a lot in common with my love of making things out of pixels. So, if you enjoy coding, maybe you’ll be inspired to try woodworking too?
  • Also, I’ve included quite a few things that are much easier to do than I expected — even without any previous experience, or skill, or fitness. If someone like me can go cycle touring, almost anyone can
  • Above all, I’m not an expert. This blog is all about trying things out, sharing, and learning from other people
The next stage…

Getting started with actual writing

It’s taken me a crazy amount of time to design and code this site so far, and I’m not sure if I ever thought much beyond this stage. Learning to code has been an enjoyable distraction, but now I need to start blogging!

I hope I can get a few posts written soon, and that you will enjoy my new website. Let me know what you think.